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For Peat's Sake

Coconut coir products

Welcome to For Peat's Sake. We specialize in the supply of various products produced from coconut husks. Our products are used in horticulture, hydroponic, soil amendment, turf building, animal bedding and other industries.

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We specialize in the supply of various products produced by recycling coconut husks. Our coir products are widely used by medium and large scale growers, soil mixers, potting soil suppliers, hydroponic growers, greenhouses, turf builders, geo textiles, animal bedding and many other industries. We hope that you will find the content and presentation in our website refreshing, informative and helpful. We appreciate your interest in our products.

Unbuffered Coco Peat 

Hydroponic Growers

Coco peat is the "dust" like particle that falls off when the fibers are extracted from the coconut husk. It is highly absorbent and one of the most preferred growing mediums.


Buffered Coco Peat

Calcium Nitrate buffered

Multiple washed and buffered with calcium nitrate and magnesium nitrate. This is a premium product that enhances the absorption of nutrients by the plants.


Coco Husk Chips

Potting mixes

The little chunks produced by chopping the entire .  This product is very useful in making potting mixes where more aeration is needed for the roots of the plants.


Coco Combos

Custom mixes

One size doesn't fit all. We get it! We offer custom mixes with varying percentages of coco peat, fibers and chips. Very useful in the bulk production of various berries, vegetables and flowers.


Coir Fiber

Erosion Control

Well cleaned and dried coir fibers are available as compressed bales. Widely used in the erosion control mats, sediment control, soil reinforcement and other geo textile applications.


Premium Substrates

Premixed & ready to use

Out of the bag, ready to use quality substrates, premixed with nutrients. Available in multiple choices of packaging. Great for backyard garden lovers and nurseries.


Coco Bedding

Safe and effective animal bedding

Coco coir is a healthy and safe choice of bedding for farm animals and pets. We have done extensive studies on the use of coco coir as a bedding in the horse stalls in the southeast USA. Lots of exciting stuff!

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For Peat's Sake story

As the quirky name suggests, we are "nuts" about enviro friendliness, especially, the peat bogs.  Peatlands around the world hold twice the carbon as the forests and its excavation emits 2 billion tonnes of carbon di oxide annually. Restoring peatlands to health is the ultimate path to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.  

Black Soil
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We’d love to handle your bulk requirements for coco coir products. 
Our business hours are M-F: 9 am-5 pm EST. Give us a call or send an email.

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