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Our Story

Peat bogs most often end up as a soil amendment or as a substrate for hydroponic growing. There is enough information out there that cries out loud on why we need to preserve these bogs. If a better choice was available, peat moss will not end up as a growing media.  A viable solution to this problem is coconut coir peat. It is produced by recycling discarded coconut husks and has a universal acceptance.

Prestige Impex, Inc. (the parent company of For Peat's Sake) is based out of Atlanta, GA (USA).  We have been supplying industrial textiles since 2010. We serve clients all around the globe. Since inception, we have always been strong advocates of eco-friendly products.

A few years back, we stumbled upon a very interesting article about peat bogs and the damages caused when it's excavated on a large scale. How to  stop the digging? We had no clue. But all along, we strongly believed that our contribution should be ethical, eco-friendly and make a good economic impact to everyone.  We found a perfect answer in coconut peat - an ideal replacement for the peat moss.

We couldn't ask for more! One thing led to another and we jumped in with both feet. As of early 2022, we have supplied a few  thousand tons of variou coco peat products. Tens of hundreds of employees in our supply chain - coir mills, transporters, forwarders and other sectors depend on this coir industry for their livelihood. Thanks to our customers, we have been able to support our supply chain partners with steady programs that keeps the wheels turning. For Peat's sake is a small drop in the ocean. The issue of climate change is real and and the fight to prevent global warming has to continue.  

Not a bad start, but it is just the beginning! There's still a long way to go. We invite you to partner with us in this journey. Together, we can leave a better earth for the next generation!

Our Story: About the Company
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